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About The Artist

Welcome to My Page!

Dog Paw Black Divider by XiahismDog Paw Black Divider by XiahismDog Paw Black Divider by Xiahism

Hello : )

You can call me Sage! I draw, paint, write, sculpt, and take photographs(both for stock and non-stock purposes).

I don't bite! Feel free to talk to me! I'm an archer, a fencer, and I love horses! My characters are always game for role-playing as well.

My commissions are traditional drawings and paintings as well! My commission journal is here-->

Happy Autumn! I love the changing colors : )

If you have any questions, don't hesitate to ask me!

I believe in magic by thebluemaidenStamp - open minded and accepting - comission by ShiStockDA Stamp - So Many Ideas... by phantompantherNice Person Stamp by SoraJayhawk77I like to go for walks by thebluemaidenGood Character by marshmellowbrains


Set Free by SageFillyLuna

Wolf by SageFillyLuna

Stark by SageFillyLuna

Copyright Statement 1 by Sophibelle


Snow Day 7 by SageFillyLuna

Sweet Heart by SageFillyLuna

A La Grange by SageFillyLuna

Wolf by SageFillyLuna

Winter is Coming by SageFillyLuna

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Dog Paw Black Divider by XiahismDog Paw Black Divider by XiahismDog Paw Black Divider by Xiahism

Read Ezra's Stories!

The story of Ezra's life from the very beginning. You will embark on her journey, confront her enemies and her fears, feel her energy and understand her undying will to find where her trust lies, and who will ultimately betray it.

Smoke and fire ate the air, hungry for flesh and power to expand and burn. The forest was losing to the steel and flame of soldiers. Horses of black skin and ebony armour cried out and stamped their hooves, crushing the dead and wounded men beneath them. Dark flashes darted from tree to tree and away from the agonic screams that seeped into the wood and would lay to rest in it’s grain.
The eyes of a terrified soldier closed for the last time as a dark and poisoned blade was pushed through his chest and into the ground beneath him. He wore a long white beard and bushy grey eyebrows. His height only just reached the underbelly of the average horse. Painted on his shield was a great white bear displaying it’s fangs to the enemy, who withdrew the sword without remorse, and moved on to other victims.
One who carried a morning star swung it such to collide with the mask of an enemy, a tall, black and red armoured figure, whilst an ally ran past with an outstretched short sword, d

The Beginning of the End
Learn to live the life of the enemy. The Kernar are fearsome wielders of black magic, dark of heart and soul, enough to curse and kill those closest to them. Become part of their life and feel the motives behind their dark and wicked actions. Perhaps you will be persuaded into their cause-- mind who you are, and do not let yourself fall sympathetic to their cursed hearts...

The Beginning of the End-- Part 1
Rain always put him in a poor mood. The smell of it, the sound of it, even the look of the grey-blue streaks left him unhappy. It rained. The disgusting mud in which he stepped was stress to him, pushing the corners of his mouth down further than usual. He was tall and thin, his face plastered in a frown. He wore a black cloak that fell to his knees, over an assortment of black, grey, and red clothing. One gold chain hung from his neck with a singular ornament: a ruby orb encased in a golden cage. He fingered this chain as he stared out into the rain, and his black eyes flashed as he heard a muffled groan behind him.
The cave was dark; the gloomy light of dawn refused to shine through the thunderclouds. One of his two sons woke, and came to stand at his side. The boy, no older than ten years, was already strong as a full grown man and a foot taller than the average child of his age. Being one of immortality and dark magic, these came as advantages.
Feindar looked up at his father with

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Hello everyone ^.^


Dreamcatcher~ Natural Spirit by SageFillyLuna


and now, you are going to die by SageFillyLuna

From Darkness (PS Edit) by SageFillyLuna

Quiet One by SageFillyLuna

Art Speak by SageFillyLuna

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Fumeiyo by SageFillyLuna

Beach Blonde by SageFillyLuna

Rawr by SageFillyLuna

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Contest-The Darkest Display--Haute d'Ecole by SageFillyLuna

Happy Birthday Mom by SageFillyLuna

Lavender by SageFillyLuna

Stella by SageFillyLuna

Copyright Statement 1 by Sophibelle


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